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For example how can talonflame learn bravebird at lvl 50?

Do you mean how some Pokemon can get a move earlier than it usually would?
I don't know about every Pokemon, but Talonflame learns brave bird at level 1, which means the move reminder can teach it brave bird at any level.

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In Sun/Moon(Ultra), The move reminder can teach the entire level-up learnset to a Pokémon.

what dobyou mean reminder bro? idont know that
The move reminder is an NPC that has Pokemon relearn moves they have known in the past. For example, if I have a Charizard with flamethrower, slash, earthquake, and metal claw but I want it to learn wing attack, I could go to the move reminder and he could give me a choice of which moves to give to Charizard. You usually need a heart scale to do it, however
In the Alola games, the move reminder is in Mt. Lanakila.
I got Whirlpool on a level 40 Alomomola for breeding. Not FROM breeding. It gets Whirlpool at level 49.