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So I was playing Pokemon GO during that event. I knew I was going to go on the freeway for more than 40 minutes, so I activated a lure. I kept on finding swinubs, and 100% of them fled from me. The weird part is they have a 10% flee rate. After the freeway, I did a little experiment. I actually caught swinubs off the freeway and after the incense wore off. I also caught a shiny swinub too! So my question is: Was the incense glitched? Or was this all because of the freeway?

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Are you asking whether the incense caused them to flee?

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Not sure exactly what you mean by "going on the freeway" but if you were in a car then Pokemon would be more likely to run from you. In Go, Pokemon often run if you move far away from where they spawned.

I never saw any reports of item glitches during that community day (or any other CD tbh). So you may have just been unlucky.

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