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Does the animation still get carried out? Does the game glitch/stop working till restarted?

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How would that even happen?
Sorry, just saw the comment. It's not that hard for it to happen, actually. Sometimes when you're walking while you're doing some other action (PvP, for example, or a Rocket Battle, or even catching another Pokemon), the hatch distance might hit the requirement (2/5/7/10km) and the hatched Pokemon does indeed appear in your list, and you can see its IVs and all, all of this before the hatch animation triggers. So in theory you could transfer it away from the animation (It's happened to me a few times but I didn't transfer them asap). I was wondering if anyone here had tried to, and what happened next.

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The game soft locks when it tries to bring up the hatch animation. Your player and the UI disappear. You can still move the camera and try to click on wild Pokémon, but nothing comes up. Restarting your phone fixes it.


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This just happened to me and I got the same result, although I able to play again after restarting only the app.