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Which of the two is better for in-game use, completing the main story?

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It depends what you want to do with Raichu. What do you want to do with Raichu?
I edited the question to specify in-game use (i.e. not competitive), so the question is more answerable and less ambiguous. If this wasn't what you meant, please go ahead and replace what I added.
In that case, Alolan Raichu is probably better because it's easier to get.
And STAB psychic is pretty deadly

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Alolan Raichu is better
- You can evolve it sooner (2nd island while normal Raichu need to go to the Ultra Space)
- Psychic STAB
- Better special attack so you can spam Thunderbolt without recoil (like Volt Tackle on physical normal Raichu)
- Get a z-crystal for Thunderbolt which has 100% chance of paralyzes
- It's a cute floating mouse omg

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Alolan raichu is better because of the psychic typing.