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Can you please be more specific? Are you referring to X/Y or OR/AS, and where did you hear this terminology?
Are you asking about a part of a location, like the Safari Zone?
You'll still need to be more specific, a google search only shows the Hoenn Safari Zone. If that is somehow what you are talking about, it is off route 121
If you're sure the Safari Zone is the only place in OR that contains an "area 1", then I think you can just answer.
I think he/she means safari zone area 1 OR
could you clafiry this? i can't understand your question are you referring to ORAS or XY and what area is it?

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I'm gonna take a guess that you're referring to our Mirage Spots location page. I added all those from the ORAS data but never got around to naming them properly.

Anyway, the specific location for Area 1 is a forest Mirage Spot east of Mossdeep City.

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I'm assuming you're asking about the Safari Zone, because that's the only place in OR I know of that has an "area 1". The Safari Zone's area 1 is in the southeast corner.

i'm pretty sure he's asking about this if is something about ORAS or XY i can understand a thing
@Scorby Omega is from Omega Ruby.