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I'm trying my best to catch a Taillow in Omega Ruby, but I can't find one. Looking at the locations here, he is most likely to appear in area 1 of Route 104 instead of area 2, but which part of Route 104 is area 1?

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The first part of Route 104 is before Petalburg Woods, where Mr. Briney's cabin is. The second part is after Petalburg Woods and leads into Rustoboro City. You can find Tailow in the grass around Mr. Briney's cabin or before the entrance to the woods.

Source: Experience and Serebii

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Petalburg City is before Petalburg woods...
Oops, I meant Rustoboro! But I am correct in my placement of the two halves of Route 104, am I not?
Please edit your question to say rustboro city rather than petalburg woods
I already did :) I was distracted when answering and wrote Petalburg City by accident. I should proofread more…