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What have you been doing to try to make it appear?
running arund in the grass
Have you gotten through Primal Groudon/Kyogre? You need to do that first before certain Pokemon will show up through the DexNav, Zorua included.
cuaghtpirmal groudon
There's no reason it shouldn't be appearing... My best guess is that either you haven't done it long enough or that it has appeared, but you've mistaken it's cry for another Pokemon and let it get away. If you really can't get it for some reason just trade to get one so that you can click its sprite on the lower screen and search for it.

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Running around in the grass won’t get you a Zorua. You need to use the Dex Nav. I’m assuming you don’t know how to find Pokémon like this, so I’ll try to explain it. First, you’ll need to open the Dex Nav. Press the icon on the bottom screen that has a Pikachu and a red Poke Ball shape. To get a Zorua, run around in route 1 until a Pokémon appears (you’ll hear the Pokémon’s cry and a patch of grass will shake). Check what Pokémon it is by pressing the red circle on the bottom screen. If it is a Zorua, sneak up to it by moving your character slowly. If it isn’t, make the Pokémon run away by walking/running/biking when you’re close to it. Then go back out of the route, back in the route, and run around until another dex nav Pokémon appears.

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You don't need to have the DexNav open to get an encounter...
Well, yeah, you don’t, but it makes it easier to know if you find a Pokémon. And you use it later anyway.
That is true.
You need to press the image/sprite of the Pokemon on the dex. After that, click the "search" thing(I haven't played in a while) and you'll find it as a black object rustling in the grass.
Yes Nuvio. You do however have to catch a Pokemon before you can search for it, I believe.