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I don't understand how to EV training works. I remember in Heart Gold there was a guy you talked to in the Battle Tower about your Mon's potential, but that feels only half eventful. I don't know where to find that person(even if there is one) in USUM. Help??

Do you want us to tell you everything about EV training, or are you asking for something else?
you can press Y when open the pokemon info, but it doesn't show you the number
In USM, the IV judge is at the Battle Tree, but he "installs" an IV judge function in your PC. He only does this, however, if you have hatched 21 or more eggs. :P

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It sounds to me like you're getting EVs and IVs confused. EVs are gained through battle like EXP while IVs are unique values that are set for each Pokémon and cannot be changed (outside of hyper training). The two both affect the Pokémon's stats, but are unrelated to each other. This site already has guides for both EVs and IVs; you can learn the basics of each of them from there. Additionally, here's where you can find these values in-game (for USUM):

The NPC you're talking about is the IV judge. In SM/USUM, he can be found in the Battle Tree next to the PC. Unlike in previous games, he won't judge a single Pokémon, but will instead add a feature to the PC that will let you see a visualization of your Pokémon's IVs (although you need to hatch at least 21 eggs first). You won't get exact numbers, but you'll be able to get a ballpark estimate.

To get an estimate for your Pokémon's EVs, just go to your Pokémon's summary screen and press Y to get a visualization of your Pokémon's EVs. This screen will show two graphs: the innermost one (should be dark blue) are the base stats of that Pokémon species. The outer one is the Pokémon's EVs, and it will either be light blue, if the Pokémon's EVs are maxed (510 across all stats) or orange if they are not. When an individual stat is maxed (252 EVs in one stat), the name of that stat will sparkle.

Thank you, I appreciate all of the help. I will definitely look into it.