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Does Hustle affect attacking moves such as Endeavor's accuracy, despite not getting its power boost?

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Special moves and status moves are unaffected by Hustle.
Source: Bulbapedia.
I guess i have half of your question answered. But i don't really know what you are asking :/.
I was asking specifically for endeavor, wich I think it's an attack... Right?

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Hustle will affect Endeavor, as it's a physical move, not status. Hustle trades some accuracy for more attack power for physical moves, and since Endeavor is physical, it's affected by the ability, although it doesn't get a power boost.
Same goes for Super Fang. You could try a Life Orb Endeavor gimmick set to keep lowering the HP of both you and your opponent, but as I said earlier it's a gimmick and not made for competitive play.

Tl;Dr: Hustle affects Endeavor, but it won't get a boost in attack power

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... hustle lowers the accuracy of endeavour.
Does it actually? Nvm im dumb I was pretty sure it didn't.
Since Endeavor and Super Fang are both considered a physical attack, it'll get the accuracy drop along with the attack boost (which doesn't actually get boosted due to it being set damage.)
Yeah. I tested on PS but my phone hates the replays so I can't show, sorry!
@superworm576 that's what I said, hustle affects Endeavor but it doesn't get a boost in power
@Boaty McBoatface Personally, I'd edit the answer to include that Endeavor and Super Fang also gets the accuracy drop
Hustle affects all physical moves by giving them a drop in accuracy and a boost in power, I said that Endeavor and Super Fang are affected by hustle but they don't get a boost in power