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I’d like to start the Yancy/Curtis sidequest but the dropped item (the X-transceiver) does not show up in Nimbasa City. It isn’t in my bag either. Why is it not appearing, and is there a way to get it to show up?
Picture proof, if you really need it:

(I’m fairly sure I already posted a question similar to this, but I included pictures here.)

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Maybe you have to complete a certain event first?
Have you defeated the gym?
You don't have to defeat the gym first, I got the item before I defeated Elesa
I defeated all the gyms and the elite 4.
Check if you can call Curtis in your x-transceiver — try seeing if you can do that in the specific spots too. If that does not work then IDK. When was the last time you played? You may have forgotten doing the quest or something.
I went to several of the specific call spots and tried to call Curtis, but it didn’t work. I’ve been playing it a lot recently - and I’m positive that I’ve never picked up the dropped item.
I have never heard of this glitch. Try searching through your boes to see if you ahve any of the pokemon Curtis give you

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