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I am not very good at competitive team building and I think this is because I don't fully understand cores. I know that they are Pokemon that compliment each other but if someone could go into detail about what that means and give examples that would be great.(This is for Ubers)

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ok that makes sense. What would be an example of a core in ubers?
A simple but good one that comes to mind for hyper offense would be Mega Lucario + Yveltal. Lucario is good at well, KOing much of the meta, but struggles notably against bulky ghost types and Zygarde Complete. Yveltal does a good job at taking care of them along with having U-Turn to deal with Yveltal's checks such as Blissey and numerous Arceus forms. Of course, neither can switch into Xerneas, so having a fairy type switch like Magearna and Primal Groudon is nice, along with a late game cleaner like EKiller Arceus since the team does good at softening most defensive cores for an easy clean at the end.
@Staka that should be an answer imo
Minor note is that the SM cores thread is a little outdated since that was before USUM and there are numerous ways that the newly added threats like the Necrozma forms affect the mega (notably with some cores dying out to its existence)
Smogon doesn't seem to have a dedicated cores thread for Ubers, but here's the one for OU. https://www.smogon.com/forums/threads/sm-ou-ultra-cores-v2.3639111/

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I think these links best explain what a core is, but I'll just summarize:

A core is a synergy of two or more Pokémon that get a specific job done, whether it be to Stall Break, cover each others threats in a Meta Game, or take hits and set hazards. Additionally, there are two types of cores: Offensive and Defensive Cores.

Offensive cores tend to cover as many threats as possible, and as effectively as possible. They are generally effective at covering each other's checks and counters. Offensive cores typically consist of Tanks and Sweepers.

Defensive cores tend to have great Type synergy that allows different Pokémon to switch into each other's attacks and typically do more damage through Entry Hazards, Status, and other passive damage than Attacking moves.

Also to note, the best cores typically incorporate both Type synergy and Threat coverage, although they are typically aimed at one or the other. :P

Cores also don't use any Pokémon: they generally use viable options for the job (you wouldn't use a Pikachu When you could use a Zeraora, for example). Sometimes an option is preferred over another, more viable option to cover threats more effectively, but the slightly less viable Pokémon is usually still in the Tier, it's Border Line, or occasionally, the Tier below. (Ubers Viability here) :P

One of team building's hardest challenges is core development, and most (if not all) people don't know it intuitively, but with time, you'll find the cores you are looking for.

Source: Links above, and EXP

Hope I Helped!

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Thank you! Could you give examples of effective cores?