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can someone give me tips on beating N (and ghetsis)?

the team are the same as the unova e4 question also removing musharna I put reshiram on my team and my pokes are leveled

What happens when you just battle them? Maybe you're already strong enough to win on your first try.
What is your team?
(From the other question they are referring to) their team is:
Lampent Lv. 46
Gavantula Lv. 45
Scrafty Lv. 45
Musharna Lv. 33
Archeops Lv. 47
Samurott Lv. 43

Do with that what you will.
Evolve Lampent

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evolve your lampert then train your team to level 50 it should be strong than before

one more thing the fastest way to raise your team's level is to fight audinos in route 10

hope it's helps ;)

Are you sure Audino grinding would be faster than grinding with the Elite 4?
yes the pokemon who is holding the lucky egg can give more exp after beating them ;)
How do you know that Audino grinding is the fastest? Did you really test and measure it?
The audino trick is the most known method to level up fast generation 5 games including side series games
Just because it's the most well-known way doesn't mean it's the best way. If well-known things are always good, then Hitler would probably be the best ruler.