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My pokemon started out in the day care" Getting Along " And after about 43 eggs, they won't make anymore, what going on?

I didn't know that Pokémon games are so realistic...
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LOL @ DarthDestiny's comment. XD
I am sure they love each other
Its time to let them enjoy his/her old days by releasing them XD

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Are you absolutely sure they are not producing any more eggs? You could just be having bad luck with the random number generator.

Every 256 steps the game will decide if an egg is produced. The chance of there being an egg is less if the Pokemon like each other less. If the daycare man says "They prefer to play with other Pokemon" then they are incompatible but I'm sure you know that.

His message will not change for the same two Pokemon. Make sure you didn't also take one of the Pokemon out or replace it with a different one that is not incompatible.

Pokemaster, well im breeding a hydreigon with a ditto who prefer to play with others and I have 4 boxes full of failure
if it says they prefer to play with others, it is impossible to make an egg
why is that though? any breedable pokemon should be able to breed with ditto after a number of eggs why would it suddenly not work? i have same problem! my ditto won't breed with any other pokemon.......i tried :/
Yeah, that's just plain weird.  It didn't work with my Lucario, either.  Oh, wait.  I tried it when he was a Riolu and baby pokemon can't breed.  Oops.
it says that my ditto and any other pokemon i put with in the day care prefer to play with other pokemon!!