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What moves can you use to give yourself status conditions? Only relying on yourself. I can only think of toxic and burn orb, but I don't want to use items, I want to see if there is something else. Magic bouncing onto yourself won't work if you think of that, it uses other Pokemon.

Does rest count?
Synchronize gives another Pokémon a status condition, not itself.
@Jimmy was thinking about it another way, but it does not matter anyway :/

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¡As of gen 7!

I assume you are Talking About Non-Volatile status conditions. If so, the only status condition you can receive from yourself is Sleep, via Rest. :P

If you include other status conditions, here is what you can inflict upon yourself:

  • The moves Outrage and Thrash, and HP restoring Berries may inflict Confusion (the berries if your Pokémon doesn't like the taste)

  • You may inflict Perish Song by using Perish Song

  • You may inflict Bracing by using Endure

  • You may inflict Aqua Ring by using Aqua Ring

  • You may inflict Charging Turn by using Sky Attack, Solar Beam, Solar Blade, or Razor Wind under certain conditions

  • You can inflict Center of Attention by using Rage Powder or Follow Me

  • You can Inflict Defense Curl by using Defense Curl

  • You can Inflict Rooting by using Ingrain

  • You can inflict Magnetic Levitation by using Magnet Rise

  • You can inflict protection by using Protect, Detect, King's Shield, Spiky Shield, or Baneful Bunker.

  • You can inflict Recharging by using Hyper Beam, Frenzy Plant, Blast Burn, Hydro Cannon, Giga Impact, Rock Wrecker, or Roar of Time

  • You can inflict Semi-Invulnerable by using Fly, Dig, Dive, Bounce, Phantom Force, Shadow Force, or Sky Drop

  • You can inflict Substitute by using Substitute

  • You can inflict Taking Aim with Lock-On and Mind Reader

  • You can inflict Withdrawing with Skull Bash

Flame Orb and Toxic Orb are the most reliable ways to Burn or Badly Poison yourself, by the way. :P


Hope I helped!