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I wanted to know this. And I'm NOT, I repeat not, going to ask RMT questions. I hate those.

You're right they are confusing to learn.

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NU = Never Used
UU = Under Used
BL = Borderline
OU = Over Used
U = Uber

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yeah but there are two others

RU=RarelyUsed, i posted and aswer that got hidden, but guess what, RU is an official tier by Smogon.

and here it is, http://www.smogon.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3448932

yeah, there you go.

and NFE, NotFullyEvolved, http://www.smogon.com/dp/tiers/nfe

Damn them and their tiers that don't make sense. Sorry Hex, I didn't actual think that they could've made such a useless tier. Looking at PO, the only Pokemon in this tier is Cressalia. And really, this tier is really just UU. They didn't have to go and make a whole new tier. I have the same problem with Borderline, it should be removed and just made into OU. Also have a problem with things like their bans (Garchomp) and not banned (Jirachi). The Pokemondb tier way of battling makes the most sense.
They dislike things like double team or stall teams since they annoy everyone, make the battle take a long time, and rely on luck, yet Paraflinching is just fine.
This generation just has way too much stuff going on. From weather to entry hazards, to all the overpowered pokemon and baton passing, it's out of control. Trying to tame it with the rules won't be easy. If they made options, like their clear sky rules on PO, things would work much better. That way people who want to use weather can use it, and those that don't won't have to build their entire team around it. Same goes for the other crap.