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his evolution family has levitate how do you hit a ground type move in a Pokemon with levitate?

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You can give Tynamo more weaknesses with soak, forest's curse, or trick or treat.

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Under normal circumstances, the Tynamo line is the only line with effectively no weaknesses, but there are some ways to bypass Levitate:

  • Use a move that grounds foes, like Gravity, Smack Down, or Thousand Arrows.
  • Use a move that nullifies abilities, like Gastro Acid or Core Enforcer.
  • Attack with a Pokémon whose ability ignores other abilities, like Mold Breaker, Teravolt, or Turboblaze.
  • Use a move (like Trick) to give them an Iron Ball, which nullifies ground immunites of the holder.
  • Use Soak, Trick-or-Treat, or Forest's Curse to change its type.
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You forgot Forest's Curse.