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Does anyone know where you can find a friend safari code and how to use them etc? I want rough skin Gible.

Moderator note: please do not use this thread to exchange codes. Instead, do this through user walls, the chat room or our Discord server.

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There are a few trading forums (Bulbapedia, Smogon, etc.), as well as this sites's Discord server. :P

Also, there may be some people with HA Gible in S/M/US/UM, if you plan on using said Gible there. :P
I wanna use Garchomp in X and Y, where it can bully anyone and nobody can stop it.

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You can't catch Gible in the Friend Safari.
For the next best thing, go to this website and add someone who has a dragon safari with Gabite.

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Okay this is probably the correct way but I just spent 5 hours wonder trading and got one anyways.