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So I got a Rough Skin Gible from wonder trade and I was wondering a few things:

How likely am I to get decent or good Pokemon( I know there is no 100% answer but if you can tell).

Will I get banned for trading Pokémon with bad words in their name? (I got 4 boxes of bad words as Pokémon names from Pearl that for some reason aren’t changed back).

If I trade high level Pokémon will I get high level stuff in return?( I was trading like level 1s and stuff and the gible I got is level 1 I’m kinda suspicious).

Can I wonder trade Pokémon with items?

Okay that’s all.

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  1. That's correct
  2. No, I saw a guy with a hacked inappropriate name on a shiny Arceus. Plus, GameFreak doesn't track your trading and you can't report players.
  3. No, people in USUM enjoy giving away level 1 Magikarps.
  4. Yes, as long as it's available to them (e.g. no Mega Stones or stuff)
You can give Mega Stones to Pokémon that the stone isn't designated for, in Gen 7 at least (not sure about Gen 6, haven't played it).
Yeah, they can be equipped, but if you try to trade them it won't work because it's unlocked as part of the game, same with Z-Crystals.
I’ve gotten Mega Stones via trading in Ultra Sun. Although it was a link trade, and I know that link trades will allow some things that GTS / WT won’t, like Pokémon with event ribbons.
Good answer. Basically confirming how much wonder trade sucks.
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Ita highly unlikey, the person you trade with is random, so the Pokemon you get is what that person chose. It is possible they are of golden heartband give you a god send, like the 2 diancies I have recived. There is no tracking on trading, so no, you cannot get banned for trading those Pokemon. Once agaon fir high levels, you have to get very lucky. I learned that the hard. Way with my lvl.68 talonflame. And you can trade Pokemon with itema, btncertin ones are restriced. If you cant put a Pokemon with the item on the gts, it cant be wonder traded. Hope I help 8.

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