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In Aplha Sapphire I was told there is something called Street pass that can get something called BuzzNav that can get me more chances to find Cresselia’s island.

I don’t know how to enable/receive this feature.

Also I’m playing on a friends old account he already beat the game.

> To activate **StreetPass**, go to the **BuzzNav** app in your PokeNav Plus. Touch the icon in the upper-right corner of the screen, and answer yes when it asks if you would like to activate StreetPass. To deactivate StreetPass, you must go to the 3DS System Settings, go to Data Management, and StreetPass Management.


  [1]: https://m.ign.com/wikis/pokemon-omega-ruby-alpha-sapphire/StreetPass_Features
I don’t think I have the BuzzNav app. Is it possible the game skipped that? I talked to mr.stone all he says is good job blah blah blah. Is it possible I already have it?
I think it is mandatory. The BuzzNav is that news news channel thing on the bottom screen.
@falsebenguy2211 Well, actually I don't exactly know, I never really played X/Y/OR/AS, SO... I GUESS... since I can't really answer this question... I'll just convert it to a comment.

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When you StreetPass someone, or Pass By when you have the PSS on either locally or online, you will send data out to various players. This information will be shared and allow players to access a variety of things. If you are StreetPassing, the game can only store 30 new players worth of information at any one time.

To activate StreetPass and the Passing By features, you just need to activate it in the BuzzNav when you receive it from Mr. Stone in Rustboro City. From then on, you will receive a variety of data whenever you StreetPass someone or Pass By someone locally or online. This can only be done once every eight hours or so, so you will only receive data for other players then and will need to wait for more.


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Oh Lmfao I had this the entire time it was the TV channel right under DexNav. Thanks for clarifying.
You welcome!