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I am sharing a 3DS with my brother and he was AS and I have OR. I have noticed that for me I get no street pass data AND my in game time doesn't pass. Before this comes up like every time, I am NOT messing with the time. Time should be passing, but it is not. For the street pass, I get no secret bases from it and have to scan QR codes. Can anyone give me a concrete answer?

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well unless you pass someone with a secret base, you're not gonna get one over street pass. that'd be spot pass :P
What exactly is your game time right now? And Streetpass is often a more local internet; it only gets data when someone else's 3DS is nearby AND has Streetpass activated on it as well, or when you are in Nintendo Zone.

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First off, you are sharing the same 3DS. StreetPass is a functionality that is meant to transfer data between two or more 3DS Systems, not the same system. If you share the same 3DS, then you cannot share Streetpass Data.

Second, I have NO clue why your 3DS time isn't changing. Head to the System Settings and try and figure it out yourself. If you have Parental Controls on your 3DS to block it, well tough luck.

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i've received pokemon through wondertrade that have stopped my clock.  once i got rid of them it started going again.
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The only thing I can think of is you're not connected to the internet, you could also have street pass turned off for the game. It could be a parental controls restriction. I had that problem for a little while, but it was me messing with the time.

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