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I have a 2DS which came with Pokemon Sapphire built into it and for about a month I haven't been able to play it because the game just won't show up. Where it's suppose to be is just a blank square like the other ones are. Someone help please!! If you've had this experience before? Whether I've pressed a button which may have gotten rid of it? Or I need to take it into a game store to get it checked out? Thank you!

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Was the blank space always there? You might want to try looking for it in a different spot. You can access a list of the software on your 2DS via the settings app. If your game isn't there, definitely take it back to the game store.

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One time I bought a 3DS with MK7 built-in and it wasn't there I was surprised why it wasn't there. It happens to some systems what you have to do is go to the Eshop search for you game and it will proabably let you download it for FREE! like it let me

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