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Corrected myself*
From the source below, it explains how you can trade eggs in Emerald, and I'm pretty sure that includes the other gen 3 games too.

Correction #2: You can trade any eggs in gen 3, but you need to beat the game first. (For FR/LG)
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Correct me if I'm wrong but can't eggs be traded in X/Y?
i didn't even know this, but eggs can actually be traded, in direct trades
How far into gameplay do I have to get? I receive a message “An egg can’t be traded now”.
depends. If it's one of the original 151 pokemon, you can. But if it's other pokemon aside from gen 1, you have to wait until you get the national dex, basically after beating the champion.
Well the eggs I’m trying to trade over contain Gen. 1 ‘mons so I may have to make it further in the game (get first badge or something).
Charizard, you need to beat the game first to trade any eggs, as stated here
CrazyCradily, OK thank you.