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Doesn’t matter my very nice Pokémon from the hall of origins helped me out there...
What move did the Articuno use?
Forgot. Y?
It knows Sheer cold. Blizzard, Roost and Toxic.
Because we need to know what move Articuno used to figure out why it hit.
Sheer cold or Blizzard. It did damage.
Wait no it was blizzard sheer cold would have OHKO me I think.
And I thought I was using Arceus I was using Absol. Does Absol have like something to do with it?
Are you sure Detect actually worked and didn't fail?
yeah. His artículo was badly poisoned at low health. I was stalling with Absol.

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In Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, due to a glitch, when used in hail, it has a 30% chance to hit a target that has used Protect or Detect; this was fixed in Pokémon Platinum onward.


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Oh. No wonder when I tried it again Detect worked.