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I wanted to breed a Magic Guard Clefable to take advantage of Toxic Orb boosting Facade, but every guide for this strategy describes Facade having STAB. Now that Clefable is just fairy type (USUM), is this still worthwhile?

Facade 70 power, plus poisoning doubles it to 140 power, with Clefable’s 70 base Atk = y/n?

Or is there a fairy type or special move that would deal more damage due to STAB or Clefable’s base 95 SpA?

Why the upvote?
Magic guard prevents poison damage
Also why you don’t give him/her a life orb?
That's right, Magic Guard prevents poison damage. That's the whole point of the strategy.
Yep, and Life Orb doesn’t give the ‘poisoned’ status — which boosts Facade and protects Clefable against burn and paralysis.
Also I don’t know who upvoted this or why, sorry.
Who are you battling with this Clefable? Other people or in-game trainers?
at this stage it’s just for battle tree, so in-game only. trying out super singles instead of just counting on being overlevelled like i could in singles lol
If you want a strong normal attack user in the Battle Tree, then use Kangaskhan.

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As you suspect, those guides are long dated. 70 base attack isn't worth your while, especially when you have STAB Moonblast at base 95 (142.5 with STAB included) SpA. (If you decide to run an offensive one, anyway - I wouldn't. I do carry it as an attacking move on stall sets though.)

I never thought about trying Life Orb Magic Guard Clefable. I assume it wouldn't be viable, but I guess it's worth a try, sounds like some possible fun. :)

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thank you! especially for the math :)