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i am at laverre city right now, where when I try go through the gate but 2 members stop me and offers me to join team flare for 5,000,000 pokedollars. I try go in the pokeball factory but a flare member stps me. what can I do???


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Personal Experience. And having (insert random symbol) money in X/Y
Also is this a troll question?

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Atleast help this person get through.
I did. I answered the question with a No. because the answer is no.
The fact that this person also asked if it’s possible to save up for a bike in G/R/B/Y (when we all know it’s not, and would take too long), then asked if you joined team rocket and is asking now about joining team flare for an amount of money you shouldn’t have. This is troll.
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Throughout the entire Pokemon mainstream game series, it is impossible to obtain 1 million pokedollars or more.
This "false offer" concept was introduced in Pokemon R/B/Y when they offer to sell you a bike for 1 million Pokedollars, however, since this is impossible, you have to get the bike voucher instead of straight up buying it. In addition, that would go against the storyline of the X/Y games. In summary no, so stay good.

This is a good answer, but it does not rally add much to the first answer.
XY actually increase the money cap to just under 10 million, so you can in fact hold seven-digit price tags now, but they still won't let you shell out the cash for this particular one even if you have enough.