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I got a Octazooka Sableye.
I got a Hydro Pump Magikarp.

Anyone got any ideas?
(Movesets please).

This is for competitive, right? What format?
Any format that these Pokémon are allowed in that can use these moves.
So Balanced Hackmons?
Obviously not. I would like a format where people can use Pokémon that can know moves they can learn legally.
Just looked it up and was surprised to learn that Sableye can learn Octazooka legally. I doubt there’s a single good Sableye set that uses it, though.
Ikr. These Pksm mystery gifts have some strange, strange stuff. Flying Pikachu is probably my favourite, followed by Hurricane Mewtwo.
Hydro pump Gyarados is outclassed by waterfall Gyarados, and octazooka Sableye is outclassed by water pulse Sableye.
I think just keep event moves cause they can't be reminded.

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Hydro pump Gyarados has a microscopic niche in Generation 3 OU, where it can 2HKO Claydol while surviving explosion and losing only about 1/4 of its HP from psychic. In all earlier generations, hydro pump Gyarados is outclassed by Cloyster. In all later generations, it's outclassed by waterfall Gyarados.

Octazooka Sableye is outclassed by water pulse Sableye.

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