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For now this is only Pokemon in my team:
Focus Sash
252 HP/252 Sp.atk/4 Def
-Trick Room
-Energy Ball

Iapapa Berry
248 HP/252 Def/8 Sp.def
-Belly Drum
-Seed Bomb
-Fire Punch
After Chandelure used Memento,I can safely use Belly Drum on Snorlax.

VGC or Ubers or soemthing?
It's for VGC

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To answer your question, yes Snorlax is a very strong G Max user in VGC 2020. Belly Drum + Gluttony is as good as ever, and G Max Replenish can make it very tough to break.

As for Chandelure though, IMO it’s not very good. Frail, common weaknesses and t can’t scratch Incineroar, who is likely going to be a common threat. I would suggest using any of Dusclops, Mimikyu, Jellicent or Runerigus as a TR setter on a Snorlax team. Dusclops has amazing bulk with Eviolite and can use Ally Switch to save it from a Fighting move; Mimikyu can nearly always get TR set up thanks to Disguise, especially with Fake Out support; Jellicent has a strong STAB spread move in Water Spout; Runerigus can take opponents abilities with Wandering Spirit.
Reuniclus and Hatterene can work too if you want something more powerful.

Hope it helps