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As I'm doing my playthrough I was wondering what are all tms accessable once reached hearthome city that's with 2gym badges ;hms have: rock smash and cut thanks!

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Focus Punch: pickup
Bullet Seed: Route 204
Taunt: Route 211
Earthquake: Wayward Cave, pickup
Return: Sandgem Town
Brick Break: Oreburgh Gate
Double Team: Wayward Cave
Rock Tomb: Ravaged Path
Secret Power: Amity Square
Rest: pickup
Attract: Amity Square
Thief: Eterna City
Recycle: Eterna City
Flash: Oreburgh Gate
Stealth Rock: Oreburgh City
Captivate: Route 204
Sleep Talk: Eterna Forest
Grass Knot: Eterna City
Pluck: Floaroma Town
Substitute: Old Chateau

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Thank you so much this really helps thank you
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