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Pleas help me and my beautiful death bird

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This is for competitive, right? What format?

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I would really, really suggest keeping Yveltal away from Xerneas. It’s 2x weak to Xerneas.

At best with 31 Attack IVs and 252 Attack IVs using its strongest move (SkyDrop) it’ll only do 79-93.6% damage against a 31 IV HP/Def and 0 EVs in Def or HP Xerneas.

So basically, Xerneas will survive, Geomancy, and ohko Yveltal. Infact, Yveltal is 2x weak to Xerneas.

Just use Aegislash.

Necrozma is better than Aegislash.
I know. I use UltraNecrozema in ultra sun and moon. I just assumed that because he’s mentioning both Gen 6 X and Y games legendaries and Didn’t Specify a game, there is a chance he is playing a Gen 6 game. And even in Gen 7, Aegislash is still a decent counter. Better than Yvertal, by far.
Use Dusk Mane necrozma.