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If you are super confused on what i'm saying, let me simplify it for you. Polteageist hides in teapots. Check. His head and legs sprout out of the pot. Check. There are purple stuff in the pot that look like Polteageist's skin tone. Check. Are the purple stuff in the holes Polteageist's body, or is it just tea water? If so, POLTEAGEIST!!! HEAD TO THE GYM MY MAN!!!

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I assume so. It is likely that Polteageist's body is actually gas/liquid taking up the shape of the teapot, Like real liquids. On the other hand, the head, arms, and legs are the weird parts since they're leaking/stretching out of the body.

Why/How does it's body stay and take the form of the teapot? Well its a ghost Pokemon. Other than that, no one knows for sure, but when the game comes out we'll be able to check its Pokedex Entry and if it has one, relate it with the design of its evolution. However yes I do believe the entire material inside the teapot is part of Polteageist, which explains its fluid and liquid like animation.

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The exact answer is probably unknown, but the Shield Pokedex entry for its Real form is: Leaving leftover black tea unattended is asking for this Pokémon to come along and pour itself into it, turning the tea into a new Polteageist. So this Pokemon enters a teapot, turning the tea into a Polteageist. Does this mean the tea turns itself into a Polteageist, or does the Polteageist simply turn larger? It's still not exactly certain.

However, judging by the image, it seems that whatever happens, Polteageist does indeed take up the entire teapot. Also, tea is never, ever purple and yellow, so it is definitely Polteageist. The tea Polteageist transforms is commonly described as black tea, and black tea is not that color. So probably, but we're not exactly sure.