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I'm just curious about this. Mega Garchomp's ability is Sand Force which in my opinion is a pretty bad ability for a Pokemon who has an attack boosting move in the form of swords dance. So instead of taking advantage of that ability, would Mega Garchomp be good enough if instead of using sand, I would instead focus on remedying its speed by using stuff like Speed Boost + Baton Pass or Tailwind? I'm pretty sure nobody has ever complained that a 170 stab swords danced earthquake did nothing to a grounded Pokemon that isn't a pure grass and bug type

A lot of Pokemon have bad abilities. It's not against the norm to ignore those.
I can name 14 Pokémon with generally useless abilities that are really good competively.
This is for competitive, right? What format?
This isn't for competitive, for now anyway. I'm gonna buy a 3ds by next week so I'm just planning ahead on how to use Mega Garchomp because I'm gonna battle my cousin using it and maybe I will go competitive but for the moment not yet.
Ha. Hahaha. Good luck getting a goood enough Garchomp. May I suggest PKSM? Or PKHeX?

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Yes. M-Garchomp’s Ability is t the most useful/ easiest to use. If your opponent has a Pokémon with sand stream (Tyranitar) that you know or even if you wanted to use your M-Garchomp in a double battle with Tyranitar, you could make use of this ability. Otherwise you can feel free to ignore it. It’s not the most useful.

Ask yourself why Mewtwo has Pressure, a not so useful ability to Mewtwo. People don’t tend to worry about that.

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