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I just started Pokémon Platinum and I don't know which Pokemon to raise. I have an EXP. Share and I try to evolve my Shellos to a Gastrodon. Is it worth raising?

PX Note: How worth the time is training and using Gastrodon vs using other water types, taking important battles and ease of use into question

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The main problem with Gastrodon is that it evolves late and has low speed. The good waters are Gyarados and Floatzel. Use Golduck if you really want a special attacker or Gliscor if you want a ground Pokemon.
Isn't garchomp the best ground type?
Garchomp takes a lot of experience to level up and evolves very late. Gliscor will likely be stronger until you're already past Victory Road.
just use the vs seeker to battle trainers again and the exp is very good just put gible/gabite at the first slot of the party and switch out to a stronger one
people use the vs seeker to level up
and lucky egg + vs seeker is an excellent exp combo which gains exp faster than before
Why can't you do that with a Gliscor and reach even higher levels?

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One of Shellos's 2 main problems is that it evolves kind of late. Even after evolving, Gastrodon has relatively low speed and attack stats, so Gastrodon can outspeed and one-shot fewer opponents and must take annoying status moves from more of them. The good waters that evolve earlier and have better stats are Empoleon, Gyarados, Floatzel, and Vaporeon. Use Torterra or Gliscor if you want a ground Pokemon.

But isnt Gliscor a flying type? Assuming you already have a flying type, wont there be any other options?
If you don't want to use Torterra or Gliscor, then the next best ground Pokemon is probably Graveler, Gastrodon, or Mamoswine. But why would you use those ground Pokemon when you can use a much better Pokemon that's not ground type?