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Just wondering...

If you finish USUM/SM you will know he is. And it is pretty obvious

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Yeah he is. The game makes it pretty obvious when you pick up/return his mask to him. They also both say the same thing a lot (I think it was “Woo!” or something similar).

source: I played moon

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It’s just that the masked royal could have been Kukui’s unmentioned brother...
Well yeah but when stories hint at something like that, it’s true 99% of the time.
It's also in the ending where you can see Burnet and Kukui together having a picture and there's a closet with his mask in. (https://i.imgur.com/U82do5h.png)
At the end Burnet looks at the masked Roayl and sees it is Kukui
Yeah. I actually forgot about that end part where Professor Burnet finds out Kukui is the Masked Royal.