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It all depends on how you train them. My Zekrom loses to Reshiram all the time. I'd say they have equal power. :P
Because it's better in ubers.
I don't know any competitive formats where either are good. In Ubers, the best electric attack user is Kyogre.
That's true, but the question is comparing reshiram and zekrom. Not them compared to the rest of the tier.
So both of them are equally useless.
No, zekrom would be better because there isn't as much electric type competition as there as ire type competition

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Zekrom is a Physical Attacker with stronger physical Defense whereas Reshiram is a Special Attacker with stronger Special Defense. The one who strikes fast will win as Zekrom would OHKO Reshiram with Outrage with 252 Attack Evs vs 0 Defense and 0 Hp Ev Reshiram. The opposite is same, Reshiram would OHKO Zekrom with Draco Meteor with 252 Sp. Attack vs 0 Sp. Defense and 0 Hp Zekrom. Therefore, both Pokemon are equal but one advantage Zekrom has over Reshiram is that it can learn Stone Edge, a physical move that is super effective against Reshiram.

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By this logic, Golduck is stronger than Groudon just because Golduck's cloud nine lets surf ignore desolate land. Do you really think Golduck is stronger than Groudon?
Strength is determined by viability, Swastik. Not 1v1 matchups.