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I checked Unnerve's page but it doesn't show something except being angry to eat berries. So why would anyone use that ability?

Unnerve makes opponents unable to eat berries, so it might be useful in certain kinds of double battles where berries are common. It also increases the success chance of SOS calls by 1.2 times.

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It stops your opponent from being able to eat berries. For example if you had a galvantula with unnerve vs another Pokemon holding a sitrus berry the berry that would usually trigger at 30% health won't be eaten. In terms of viability I wouldn't say it's very good as an ability though.

Wrong. On Mewtwo, it stops Pokémon such as Lugia from recovering hp via berries. It’s super helpful.
Lugia with a berry? I don't think that's common enough to justify it as a Good ability in general. Of course all abilities have their uses, but unnerve doesn't have too many is all
I was gonna delete this when I checked the page again but thanks.
Galvantula usually prefers compound eyes to raise thunder's accuracy.