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Xurkitree’s Gx attack lets you look at the opponent’s hand and put a card there into their prize cards. Can you do this when they have 6 prize cards to make them have 7?

I don't think so. this defies the rules of the game that state one can have six prize cards, both max and min.

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6 prizes is the state at the *beginning* of the game, but they make no guarantees about what happens after that. After you take a prize, for instance, you drop below 6, and the rules obviously see nothing wrong with allowing that game state to exist.
Yeah, I guess you're right. But, it just seems like there'd be a rule against that or something.

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andrew mahone got an opponent to have 30 prizes in one of his vidoes(he controlled the opponent

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While I can’t find a source that says anything significant about this, I remember back when Palkia and Dialga Legend released, its attack was said to legally be able to increase Prize card amount over 6 in tournament play it wasn’t banned in, so I don’t see any reason it should be different in Xirkitree GX’s case, especially since it isn’t nearly as broken as its predecessor. :P

Source: EXP

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