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I have two GXs (please don't hurt me, I just started actually collecting for the TCG) and they both say they are Promo cards. They are a Tapu Koko GX and a (kantonian) Raichu GX. They both have a 2017 copyright date, and both have, instead of a expansion symbol, a black star with PROMO on it. But when I look at my 3 EXs, they just have normal expansion symbols. Are any of these cards rare, or normal? (btw, the 3 EXs are c2014 Mega-Manectric EX, c2015 Tyranitar EX, and c2015 Mega-Tyranitar EX. The Tyranitars are from the same expansion, it looks like)


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No, I don't believe so. I actually have quite a few GX cards that aren't Promos: Vikavolt, Leafeon, Salazzle, Lurantis, Espeon, and Dawn Wings Necrozma, among others.

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Source: The GX cards in my collection.

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Cool! Guess I need to collect more...