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I got some Pokémon I want to use in Y but I don’t know what to replace them with.

My team is:

Garchomp: Hidden Ability
—Dragon Claw
—Shadow Claw

The grass starter fully evolved(I nick named mine so Idk it’s name:
—Spikey Shield
—Brick Break
—Vine whip

—Dig(I think)

Sliggoo: Hidden Ability. 1 level away from evolving.
—Draco Meteor
—Sludge bomb(or sludge wave, I forgot)

—Ice beam
—Frost Breath
—Shadow ball

—Hone Claws
—Stealth Rocks
—Dragon Claw

I got Yveltal and am getting Mewtwo and Zygarde. Problem is, my team already looks so nice, I can’t see any use of replacing and of them.

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Take out 2 of your dragons. Having 3 or 4 dragons is probably not a good idea.
The Grass starter is called Chesnaught

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Take out Tyrantrum, Sliggoo, and Zygarde so you don't have multiple dragon Pokemon stacking weaknesses.

Well done. What should I replace em /w?
Probably Yveltal and Mewtwo?