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I am using Pokemon gold on the gba and am breeding with a shiny ditto.

Even if it's possible, this is a less efficient technique than collecting five Eggs and hatching them the normal way.
I think the eggs are pre-determined before they hatch.

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If you save before recieving the egg, you can soft-reset until it's shiny. This works in every gen where eggs are available.

However, once the egg is in your party, everything is pre-determined. Nothing about the Pokemon is determined prior to accepting the egg.

Source: Crystal's mystery egg at the daycare; I used to soft-reset for Pichu, learned that if I saved before accepting the egg the result would be different, but if I saved with the egg in my party it'll be the same. Also in-general experience with eggs and shiny hunting. Lots of trial and error.

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This is true in gen 2, but it's not true in every generation. https://i.imgur.com/M7x08pp.png
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No. Fact, it is actually a strategy to breed magikarp until you get a shiny then to take note of how many eggs it took to hatch the shiny. You would then soft reset to right before you put in the magikarp and instead put in your desired Pokémon. After the same amount of eggs hatched, a shiny Pokémon would pop up.

I'm pretty sure this doesn't work in Gold. How do you know it does work in Gold?