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Guts Swellow seems not bad, but Braviary has more bulk. And I don't know how beneficial is Sheer Force + Life Orb to him. Maybe better Defiant? In the other hand, Swellow has more speed..

Just help...

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What do you want to do with a Swellow or Braviary? Do you want to battle other people, the Battle Tree, or regular in-game trainers?
Wifi battles and battle tree, but with ingame trainers too.
Why are you using these 2 when you can use Kangaskhan or Lopunny instead?
Well, I'm not looking for the best ones in the game but between these two. Just my silly stuff ;)

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Pros -
STAB Facade with Guts
More Speed then Braviary
Other coverage options/pivoting in U-turn, Pursuit, Steel Wing
STAB Boomburst with Scrappy

Cons -
Less attack to start with, wasting a turn to use Protect to get a Guts boost
Not bulky
Less BST
Worse coverage options


Pros -
Very good STAB attacks in Return and Brave Bird
More useful coverage like Superpower, Rock Slide, etc.
Pretty bulky, takes advantage of Substitute + Bulk Up
Better BST
Pivoting with U-Turn
Better at using Roost

Cons -
Slower than Swellow
Can't take advantage of Sheer Force

Honestly I think Braviary is better. It can't use Sheer Force + Life Orb because it doesn't have that good of attacks that take advantage of Sheer Force, so Defiant is usually better. Braviary has a lot more pros to use it, but it's your choice.

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Okey. Which would inflict more damage to a same poke? Guts powered Facade & Brave Bird or a Return and Brave Bird from Braviary?
In that case, Swellow is stronger.
Okey, thanks!