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The text says "(pokemon name) wont let down its defense".

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Is this for SwSh? I know that it won’t let you catch Pokémon if it’s above a certain level, depending on how many badges you have (from what I’ve played so far, it looks like the level cap increases by 5 per badge). This is presumably to prevent players from getting lucky and catching (for example) a level 50 Pokémon in the wild area before the second badge and plowing through most of the game with it.
I haven’t tested it myself, but I’m pretty sure that’s what’s going on.
In all the games, Pokemon with 1 HP aren't guaranteed to get caught. It still depends on stuff like catch rate and the Poke ball.
in response to sumwun itthe badge mechanics differ slightly from previous games, instead of loosing control of an already owned mon you just physically cant catch things above a certian lvl cap untill after the last gym

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Just tested it to confirm the message. Because you can find extremely overlevelled Pokémon in the wild zone, Sword and Shield won’t let you catch Pokémon that are above a certain level, depending on how many badges you have. When you encounter these Pokémon, it introduces it as “a strong-looking [Pokémon],” and will stop you from catching it with the message “It won’t let down its defense!”