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In Pokemon Go, when you catch a Pokemon, what does it mean when the pokemon has a blue aura? Is that better? It's not a matter of life or death, I am just curious. Did realize I had to be so specific....my bad oh and I am a SHE not a he
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In Pokemon Go, any Pokemon that you have caught within the past 24 hours will have a blue aura behind them, when you look at it in your Pokemon list.

(You can confirm this by sorting Pokemon by recent, all the ones at the top will have the blue aura.)

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It appears when its stats lower and if youre talking about lets go when its xs.

Edit: not sure with go but probably not important. Also in Pokemon smd [super mystery dungeon] it happens when a Pokemon awakens.

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More edits: Just googled it and it will have one if you caught it within the past 24 hours source Also if I have to copy/paste the words can someone help me get the green thing around it and find the right piece to copy/paste so can someone do that thxs?

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What is xs?
Extra Small, he means.