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When Ditto dynamaxes, does it transform into the opponent Pokemon, but dynamaxed? Does it undynamax to Transform? Does Transform turn into Max Guard?

Also, does it get more HP? Can it copy gigantamax? Are also good to consider. :P
Is Ditto even able to Dynamax?  Would be a 'lazy' way for GF to avoid the question altogether...
this question also applies to pokemon like mew and smeargle. (also applies to anyone with mimic-type moves if that works on transform)
@Sythrus bu those are not in the game
Good question

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I fought a dynamax ditto in a max raid battle. It used transform on one of my allies and used the max moves they have. Thats what I think.

P.S. This is my first answer to a question. Give me some respect (no one actually ever does that).

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I gave u respect
I give u respect
I’ve also heard that you can cripple the max raid Ditto by going in with Gen 8 legendaries; since they can’t Dynamax, a Dynamaxed Ditto can’t use Transform on them.