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I’ve been considering a Galarian Weezing on my competitive single battle team for quite some time now and have finally decided to go for it. With that, everyone knows the most effective way of getting competitive Pokémon is through breeding. However, when I get my desired Koffing, the only ability it can learn is Levitate. Since Galarian Weezing can know Levitate, Neutralizing Gas, and Misty Surge; I question what system the game uses to chose the ability that is given to the evolution. Answers?


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Koffing's ability pool was updated in SwSh; Koffing can now have either Levitate or Neutralizing Gas, or Stench if it has its Hidden Ability. When evolving into Galarian Weezing, it will keep the same ability if its Levitate or Neutralizing Gas, or change to Misty Surge if it has Stench.

Oh I get it. Okay this helps a lot.
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