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This is in the original sapphire. I'm doing a nuzlocke and have encountered two fighting types, makuhita and machop. I'm going to add one of them to the team around Norman's gym, and I was wondering which I should pick? (BTW, I have no way of evolving machoke.)

I think Hariyama is definitely better because every stat is higher except physical defense and special attack.

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Well, Machoke is mediocre compared to both Machamo and Hariyama. I'd go with hariyama as it and Machoke have the same ability, guts, but Hariyama is much bulkier and can withstand more attacks. Good luck!

P.S.- this is for normal versions of the game. I am unsure what Nuzlocke really is.

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Nuzlocke limits the amount of pokemon you can catch, and in a nuzlocke if a pokemon dies you must release it
Thick fat is better on Hariyama because Flannery uses fire attacks, and Wallace and the Elite 4 use ice attacks.
Okay cool neat yes.