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In my previous playings of Sun and Moon, I used a future mechanic for shiny breeding Pokemon. Where you placed a magikarp @nursury and once you acquired your shiny magikarp you would restart the console and place the shiny Pokemon you truly wanted. Cause it was set in the game that the next Pokemon in your nursery was a shiny Pokemon.

I just did this method in Pokemon Sword and the result didn't gave me a shiny! I'm wondering if any one has experienced the same? or further information if this mechanic was taken off from Pokemon Sword and Shield?


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Sword and Shield change the random seed that controls details of spawned eggs upon each reset, unlike Sun and Moon. This kills off the "Magikarp swap method" for churning through eggs quickly just to see how many before a shiny turns up, as you can no longer count on the shiny turning up at that same number.

Since that post, SadisticMystic I bread a Galarian Ponyta and it resulted a Male Ponyta, yes bumer as a feminine pokemon. I'm noticing that the first egg was female and the second was male. Is their a pattern to eggs? I ask cause I'll need to predict my the pokemon I'm shiny breeding.
Not one that you can take advantage of in any meaningful way: https://www.reddit.com/r/pokemonrng/comments/e685y3/gen_8_update_on_the_future_of_rng/