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In my hackmons team, I have an ultimate tank (Deoxys Defense). this is my build:

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magic bounce
Cotton guard- for defense
amnesia- for special defense
recover- for recovery
toxic- for stall

but I kind of want to give it another move without getting rid of its tankiness, as the two buff moves make a great combination. (also a move to replace it would help)

Small issue -- you are 100% countered by Taunt.
Spectral thief and tail glow are pretty common. How can you stop those?
I’m not worried about that. Taunt is a status move, hence the magic bounce. And I have 2 spectral thief counters on my team ( one is dual purpose)
That still doesn’t stop Spectral Thief from checking this mon. What about infiltrator, Haze, Clear Smog, Darkest Lariat, and Unaware? Your probably better off using a Cresselia or a non-psychic type, such as 100% Zygarde, Registeel, or Xerneas, as a wall (the term tank implies the Pokémon hits back hard with a damaging move as well as taking hits). :P
Well, yes, that is true. But again, I'm not looking for alternative Pokemon. Plz just answer the question.

However, I will either start or find a thread with good walls, and you can post full movesets. Sry if I sound rude.

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Probably want to switch up Cotton Guard and Amnesia for Cosmic Power and Stored Power. Cosmic Power will still buff both Defense and Special Defense, and will max both in 6 turns, only one turn slower than your Cotton Guard/Amnesia setup. Once you max both stats, fire away with Stored Power -- it will have a base power of 120 with 6 stat boosts. It will hit harder if you somehow acquire more stat boosts from another source.

This is still very setup-reliant and has no answer to mold breaker taunt, as well as most of the things we already mentioned. But I guess if the shaggy person needs to use 1 of those 2 options, then cosmic power is better because it takes up less move slots.
Any random Dark type would still be able to ignore it, too.