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My Cinccino knows Tail Slap and Hyper Voice (I'm working on the other two moves) and has the Skill Link ability. It currently has a Red Card as its held item, though I'm looking for a held item that's more viable for single and double battles.

I know for a fact I'm going up against a Dewott (likely evolved into Samurott by this point), Roggenrola, Sandile, Darumaka, Blitzle, and a Timburr (and maybe some other Unova Pokémon) though I'm only going to face three or four of these at a time.

I'm using a Pawniard w/ Lock On and Guillotine as well a Spiritomb w/ the Wonder Guard ability as my other two Pokémon. I'd appreciate tips on their held items as well. Speaking of, I'm currently using an Eviolite for Pawniard.

Why would you use Eviolite on a Bisharp?
Good point. I'll just use Pawniard instead.
Maybe a Normal Gem for extra power? IDK if this really helps your team, though.
Also I don't think normal is good in BW2 because steel, rock, and Gengar are so common, so you should probably use Starmie instead of Cinccino. If you're sure you want to use Cinccino, then you should give it a leftovers or life orb.
I agree with sumwun. My suggestion probably wouldn't help your team.
Is kings rock a thing back then? 10% flinch chance 5 times is pretty good
The opponent still has a 59% chance of not flinching. It's pretty unreliable.
40% flinch tho, and cincino in general isn't the best... pretty cute tho

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As I said before, I recommend replacing your Cinccino with a Starmie for better attacks, like surf and thunderbolt. If you're sure you want to use Cinccino, use a life orb to power up all your attacks without choice locking yourself.

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