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I'm not 100% sure on this one so you'd have to try it and see if it works.

Nincada doesn't learn Swords Dance, nor does Shedinja by normal methods. However, Ninjask does learn it at level 25. Furthermore, Shedinja only comes by splitting off from Ninjask on evolution.

First, make sure you have an empty spot in your party for Shedinja. Then level up a Nincada to level 25. You'll need to cancel it from evolving (press B) from levels 20-24. Evolve it at level 25 and let it learn Swords Dance. Hopefully Shedinja will get it too!!

Let us know if this works!

it does
hi and thanks!!
but i trained a nincada to level 24, evolved it at level 25 on diamond with 2 empty spaces in party but got no shedinja, did a do something wrong?
To get a Nincada to make a Shedinja in Gen 4 or 5, there's one extra requirement: You need a Poke Ball in your bag. I'm not generalizing Poke balls, though. You need the original Poke Ball with the red and white halves.
ok thanks will!