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So I am playing sword and shiny hunting for a situation. (I'm a beginner in shiny hunting.) Can I use both the masuda method and chaining at the same time? I see a lot of pros only using one.


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Unfortunately no, chaining only affects wild encounters while the Masuda Method only affects eggs. However, if you’re willing to go through the trouble of completing the Pokédex in order to get the Shiny Charm, then the charm’s improved odds can stack with either chaining or MM.

Edit: misunderstood what you meant. I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able to do both at the same time, although it also depends on your target; if you’re hunting something with a low encounter rate, especially if it can only be found through shaking grass encounters, then I would recommend only trying to breed for it. Every battle you have with a Pokémon that’s not your target will just slow you down, so if you only have a 10% chance (or less) of encountering your target then it’s just not worth it. I’d say to only try doing both if the Pokémon you’re hunting has a slow hatch rate and can spawn in the overworld.

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I think they're asking if they can use the Masuda Method and chain at the same time. Like, getting eggs, then going off to chain wild Pokemon. Like doing two different tasks at once, rather than applying the same thing to one task.
Ya I was trying to do both at once.
Ah, okay. Edited.